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Inheriting a Legend; Why I Came To America, The Journey Of Achellieas Poulos™

By Stacy Poulos

This website is dedicated to my grandfather Achellieas Poulos who's spirit begs me to tell his story. Through his eyes and through his music. There is so much speculation about this mysterious man who has touched the lives of so many through his music and through time. His most famous song "Why I Came To America" rings home to so many foreigners from the Greeks to the Turks to The Armenians to Americans. All languages he could sing and speak. I am here to say that over the years much has come to me. Photos of my family members who were murdered that did not escape the clutches of the Ottoman Empire and the few that did. His diaries written in his own words with traces of his DNA and traces of crumbs and his favorite liqueur as he pondered over writing. I also have his phone book that connects the dots of his journey and other famous Greek and Armenians singers including Marko Melkon.
The music that makes more sense to his family who knew him and his ways. I inherited it all. It has been difficult to get a hold of his actual records because we are constantly working against collectors who knowingly hoard his music and sell it to the highest bidder instead of asking his own blood first. There is no value in this story but what it means to our family.  I have faith that someday his entire collection will appear and his story will finally be told. Until we have his music in hand, the story will subside. I am constantly gathering clues as he speaks to me often. We could use help. I need to interview people who are still alive, who knew him well. Including his son, my father. Much has been done and much needs to be done. But the story does not end there, there is more to be told about the Greek influence on Greek American heritage centered in the music industry. I am looking for grant money to do the things I need to do If you can help, please help tell this story. -Stacy Poulos