Achilleas Poulos

Help Seed Achilleas Poulos's life story

The donation button goes to Girlpages my company. We are not a non-profit. You would be granting me funds to accomplish this project to write a book and make a film.

I need help. Collectors are making it impossible to get his albums. I desperately need to interview people who are still alive that knew him well.  I have other items that tell his story I would like to involve the History Detectives.

Purchase his entire collection of music.

Have each song written out and interpreted in 1) English, 2) Greek, 3) Turkish and 4) Armenian.

Fly to four significant locations on the East Coast to interview live relatives and locations he has lived.

Have his 2 diaries interpreted  and his phone book researched as well as other items I have of his. 1) English, 2) Greek, 3) Turkish and 4) Armenian.

Film the process of discovery.

Get Historical photos and films that support his story and life.

Final destination would be to fly to Turkey and Greece where he was from.